Oud Aura Diffuser 100ML


In our signature scent, Oud Aura exudes luxury with fragrant agarwood and musk mixed with the fresh and modernly romantic essence of jasmine and rose. The perfect addition to ease anxiety, negative energy and boost self-esteem. Seductive and understated.

Product details

- Oud Aura scent diffuser 

- Notes: Jasmine, Musk, Rose, Agarwood, Sandalwood

- Glass bottle, brown tassel, 10 reed fibre sticks

- 100ML

- Lasts approximately 6 months


- Handcrafted with environmentally friendly packaging.


- Made in England



Notes include the likes of sandalwood, and musk alongside agarwood, infused with warm sweet-scented rose, and jasmine, to balance the overall scent.

Sandalwood: Its naturally rich aroma helps with emotions, particularly for those who succumb to fast-paced & busy lifestyles. This ingredient also can boost cognitive thinking by helping to encourage mental ability through one's state of mind.

Jasmine Helps to control the feeling of anxiety and sorrow. Its sweet smell helps to elevate and energise one spirit by actively combating depressive thoughts.

Musk: Great for meditation; this element helps to reduce nervous disorders by soothing nerve inflammation whilst providing a good night's rest for a refreshing start to the morning.

Rose: This ingredient can boost one's self-esteem and emotional resilience. It also allows individuals to gain a relaxed mindset, resulting in an added boost of confidence.

Oud (Agarwood)- The boost of a therapeutic ambience aims to remove feelings of negative energies, replacing them with enhanced mental awareness. Like jasmine, this ingredient contains a natural calming incentive to relieve tension and restlessness.

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