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Luxury Diffusers

Oud Aura Diffuser 100ML

Excite your surroundings with the Nicholas Kingsley scented diffuser giving you a refreshing and delightful aroma - The ingredients used consists of sandalwood, musk alongside agarwood, bergamot, galbanum, cedarwood projecting an earthy rich tone, finishing with a scent of rose and jasmine to give an overall balance.

Grande Entrèe Diffuser 100ML

Our diffuser has a place in every setting, from a hotel reception to a workplace and even the intimacy of your own home. The ingredients have been chosen for the purposes of helping you to stimulate and enhance your state of mind, according to the benefits each ingredient contains.

Serenity Allure Diffuser 100ML

Serenity Allure is an all-natural diffuser infused with strong and potent essential oils, beneficial for reducing tension, easing anxiety, depression and emotional imbalance. This extravagant scent is an essential must-have. As seen in VOGUE

What is being said about us...


Fragrances That Bring Back Craft

Just recently, British lifestyle label Nicholas Kingsley, introduced a line of aromatherapy diffusers. 

NK X Modern Masters Event

Modern Masters art exhibition showcasing pieces from the likes of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Picasso and many more with our Nicholas Kingsley luxury aromatherapy diffusers.

NK X Fabian Perez 'El Amor'

Our brand reached another milestone as we proudly sponsored the ‘El Amor’ Art Exhibition at Clarendon Fine Art Gallery in Chelsea,Kings Road. Fabian’s authentic art collection was inspirational, Please check out his pieces, he is definitely one to watch! Fabian and guests shared positive feedback on our luxury diffusers. Mentioning that they illustrate exclusive therapeutic benefits and relaxed atmosphere.

Introducing Nicholas Kingsley Menswear

Nicholas Kingsley is a luxury made to measure brand. Kingsley is an inherited name passed down from the first generation to the second generation containing the meaning of kingship, The name Kingsley reminds people of who they are and where they are going.


We had the opportunity to sell our luxury diffusers exclusively within Mr Porter / Net-a-Porter HQ - to celebrate our 1 Year anniversary.


Discover how you can “diffuse your fears” with our range of aromatherapy diffusers and room sprays. Set the tone, ease your mind and aura today.


In the wake of World Mental Health Day & Black History Month, Nicholas Kingsley had with the opportunity  to showcase our range of luxury aromatherapy products at the Uber HQ. 

Perfect scent, perfect sense.

British designer Nicholas Kingsley introduces aromatherapy diffusers to his luxury label. The rich smell of‘Grand Entrée & Oud Aura’ is a product that aims to uplift and positively enhance one’s state of mind.

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