Serenity Allure Diffuser 100ML

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Serenity Allure is an all-natural diffuser infused with strong and potent essential oils, beneficial for reducing tension, easing anxiety, depression and emotional imbalance. This extravagant scent is an essential must-have:

Product details

- Serenity Allure scent diffuser 

- Notes: Vanilla mist, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood & Cumin

- Glass bottle, brown tassel, 10 reed fibre sticks

- 100ML

- Lasts approximately 6 months

- Handcrafted with environmentally friendly packaging.

- Made in England


The third addition to the luxury aromatherapy range. Serenity Allure is an evocative combination of buttery vanilla mist, fragrant sandalwood and a hint of cinnamon; a natural therapeutic remedy to help unwind after a hectic day and create a calm and peaceful aroma in your home. 


Sandalwood: Its naturally rich aroma helps with emotions, particularly for those who succumb to fast-paced & busy lifestyles. This ingredient also can boost cognitive thinking by helping to encourage mental ability through one's state of mind.

Cumin: is a non-toxic essential oil with a solid and spicy infectious aroma. On its own, cumin oil can be used as a warming oil (helping to relieve muscular and joint pains) and can alleviate the daily stresses and strains of life.

Cinnamon: is a natural antiseptic and has cleansing abilities due to its anti-fungal, anti-viral, bactericidal, energising, and uplifting properties. Initially, this essential oil has a potent, warm, and spicy odour. 

Vanilla Mist: With its rich and warm tones, vanilla is commonly used as an ingredient to infuse comfort, joy, and relaxation. More than just a sweet aroma, vanilla possesses several therapeutic benefits.

Tonka: Due to its warm and summery tones, Tonka (in small doses and blended with carrier oils) can be used to create an environment that brings calmness, encourages relaxation, and promotes a balanced sleeping cycle.

Product Details

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16 Reviews

Best Diffuser I’ve Ever Purchaeed
Having been used to candles in the past for my home and workspace, I was skeptical about the benefits of a diffuser - particularly regarding the personal benefits to myself beyond the scent. However, having been convinced by Nicholas regarding the anxiety alliveiating properties, I found this was not only true in creating a calming atmosphere in my space, but it was also long lasting and smelled great thus justifying the glowing recommendation with which it came.

The best gift!
I've been quite unhappy in my current flat for a long time now, so whilst I'm unable to move I do like to do small things to make myself feel better. I love flowers, candles and plug in fragrances, but these are only temporary fixes. I decided to order a diffuser as I'd bought one in October 2020, and its still going strong but it lives in my bathroom, So I thought id get another for the living room and honestly this new fragrance has given my home a new lease of life. I smell it in the corridor before coming in and it has filled my whole flat with so much warmth. I actually look forward to coming home, and it makes waking up that much more peaceful. I cannot recommend 'Serenity' enough. It does just that! And brings so much peace to a sometimes very chaotic home.

High Quality & Luxury
I brought myself this for Christmas and it still has more to give! It gives my living room the most incredible, strong aroma. It's very calming and helps me become present and relaxed. I am looking to buy more as its become a home essential

Amazing Purchase
One of my best purchases. In the process of renovating my office, this was the final piece to the puzzle. It’s created a relaxing environment and the design is ascetically pleasing. Highly recommended!

Excellent investment, and perfect for gifts.
I saw the Serenity Allure diffuser by Nicholas Kingsley mentioned in Vogue magazine as one the best diffusers to refresh your space and thought to give it a try. Hands down! One of the best decisions I've made, especially with purchasing a diffuser, this scent brings a relaxing atmosphere to my environment, lasts for a long time, and aesthetically blends with the interior no matter where you place it. Excellent investment, and perfect for gifts.

Brought my room back to life!
These scents brought new life to my room I've had one for weeks now and it's just a strong as when I first opened it. Will definitely be looking to get another one as soons as mine runs out

The best scent I have had all year, it’s fresh, vibrant, essence is well felt when guests arrive. Especially coming back home to a beautiful scent. I highly recommend this!

Definitely purchasing another one!
Absolutely love love love, I have this in my room and it's a must have! I'll definitely be purchasing another one and yes it lasts for months!

Absolutely divine
This scent is perfect! It makes me feel relaxed and at ease as soon as I step into my room. I’ll definitely be purchasing it again.

You will not be disappointed
Originally fell in love with the name, but I knew I made the right decision as soon as I opened up the box. A great product and a 'MUST HAVE' diffuser to have in your home!

Best scent ever!
I love the serenity allure diffuser. It's amazing, and it uplifts every room in my home. I have received so many comments on the scent from my friends and family and I can't recommend it enough. Nicholas Kinglsey is hands down the best diffuser brand I have come across ever.

Takes me away
Having tried the grand entree diffuser, I was keen to get my hands on this new release! Upon opening it, it immediately took me back to the birth of my niece and nephew...I keep it by my bedside and smile every morning/evening. Thank you for taking me back to the joy of life

Blown away
Once I opened the gorgeous box, I was bowled over – it was beautifully packaged and looked ultra-luxurious. Sandalwood, vanilla and cinnamon are among my favourite scents so imagine how it feels to have them combined all in one! This diffuser is wonderfully calming and I’ve found myself turning to it to curb WFH stress. It also looks gorgeous alongside my similar-coloured scents [Maison Kurkdjian and Burberry’s My Burberry]. This wouldn’t look out of place in any leading hotel I’ve stayed in [Dubai’s The One&Only and Palazzo Versace come to mind]. I don’t usually associate luxury with diffusers [how I’ve been proved wrong!] but this has exceeded any expectations.

After being blown away by my previous purchase which was the Oud Aura diffuser I had to get this as soon as it became available. I can genuinely say I was not disappointed in the slightest and was just as impressed overall.

Amazing diffuser!!
I am in love with this diffuser! From the packaging to the presentation and detail it screams “Made For Royalty”. The smell is infectiously sweet and spicy and is still very potent after just a few weeks. Thank you Nicholas Kingsley for this quality product!

You won’t find a better Diffuser
You need this diffuser in your house. NK have taken it to the next level with this one.

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