Nicholas Kingsley (NK) is a luxury made to measure brand. Kingsley is an inherited name passed down from the first generation to the second generation constituting the meaning of kingship. The name Kingsley reminds people of who they are, as well as their destiny in life. Embracing royalty inspires the aesthetic of the brand, as the main emphasis of the NK is to feel the presence of royalty, transforming a look simply by the association of sporting the brand. 

Nicholas Kingsley is a luxury, UK-based brand founded in 2018 inspired by the lifestyle of royalty. The fragrance collection includes essential oils such as cinnamon, vanilla, sandalwood, jasmine and tonka bean. The perfect addition to set a relaxing scene in a hallway, hotel lobby, restroom or living room.

NK Luxury Diffusers can provide long-lasting therapeutic benefits to your wellbeing. Its presence in the home relieves low to medium mood and anxiety, leading to stress and depression. We aim to allow consumers to set the scene with a plethora of aromatic diffusers capable of eliminating stress and uplifting customers spirit in their chosen environment. After struggling with anxiety himself, Founder & CEO Nicholas Kingsley began to research the benefits attached to natural plant-based oils and aromatherapy to align the mind, body, and spirit. 

“It was crucial that my home was a calm space to escape the stress and spark my creativity. By researching natural plant-based oils worldwide and their benefits, Grand Entrée, Oud Aura, Serenity Allure were created to form the Nicholas Kingsley brand.”

Each diffuser has been made with carefully selected natural ingredients, most notably, with you in mind. International cultures and luxurious finishes inspire all scents. This is then mixed and packaged in London, bringing a calm and classy look to your home.

All Nicholas Kingsley diffusers are non-toxic and vegan friendly for the environmentally-conscious buyer. 

Consistent with our brand slogan, ‘Made For Royalty’. Nicholas Kingsley wants individuals to embrace a luxury lifestyle and their inner King and Queen through absolute relaxation. Find a scent that makes sense.

As seen in Forbes Magazine, Vogue & Polo Lifestyles.

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